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Thursday, July 14, 2005


RNC chairman Ken Mehlman is scheduled to apologize to the NAACP tomorrow for the Republicans' "Southern Strategy" from 1968 through the 90's of using race as a wedge issue to pick up Southern white voters from the Democrats.

For all I know, Ken Mehlman
May really be a swell man;
And means it from his heart
When he decries the part
His predecessors played
In stoking racial hatred
To make each Southern state "red"
And "Dixicracy" fade.

It seems to give the RNC
Some precious moral currency
While Dean proceeds to scoff more
And act the college sophomore.
But glance at past election maps;
You'll see why they're big-hearted.
The strategy can now elapse.
They finished what they started.

Republicans, when flying high
Will sometimes start exhortin'
All African Americans
To come into the fold.
But when they're losing other fans
And Southern states approach a tie,
That stuff* will soon get old.
Then bring on Willie Horton.

* Adult readers are encouraged to substitute a more vivid and poetic word here.


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