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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Roberts, what else?

The cheer is a trademark device of Calvin Trillin's, but I'm borrowing it for the occasion of welcoming a figure who will probably be with us for decades......

John G. Roberts, he's our guy!
Clark Kent in a power tie!
Business lawyer, pure and simple --
What a mind! And what a dimple!

And also:

Roberts' record's fairly thin; he's not had time to fill it. He
Has argued cases more than judged; a nice deniability
Therefore adheres to what he wrote, since he can always say
The views were just his client's, and he doesn't think that way.

The Left and the Religious Right may well both make a scene,
Allowing Bush to claim that he has found the Golden Mean.
It's not about the Golden Mean, if truth be really told:
What matters is what this will mean to those who have the gold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw the bumper sticker for this on your car coming across the bay bridge yesterday and i told myself if i remembered, i'd go see what it was. guess the bumper sticker system works. go you.

1:04 PM  
Blogger nightquill said...

Wow, it worked better than I expected. Thanks for visiting.

Now I'm thinking about a billboard :)


9:55 PM  

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