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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

et tu, statcounter?

The FBI AND the Pentagon are spying on legitimate political groups. One member of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is making anonymous noises about disbanding in protest over the President's ignoring it and illegally wiretapping US citizens, while one member has already resigned.

Now seems like a particularly good time to let you know that nightquill is watching you, too; through the
Statcounter tool, we can see what computers are accessing the site, and also what browser and operating system they use (Hi, Mom).

We may not see you when you're sleeping, but we know when you're awake.

Statcounter is, like many things these days, a free service which would like to persuade you to become a paying customer anyway. Their come-on, displayed at the top of the page every time the nightquill marketing department logs in, reads

Increase your log size today!

Don't I get enough of that in my daily spam?


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