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Monday, August 29, 2005

Doctrinal purity to the tune of

The purges of rational, scientific, or dissenting voices from the executive branch continue, with two cases this week alone: Lawrence A. Greenfeld of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and Pentagon defense contracting specialist Bunnatine H. Greenhouse (who would make a great Groucho character if she weren't an African American woman. And if there was anything funny about her situation. And if Groucho were alive). Kudos to The Washington Post for keeping us aware of these.

Sung to a tune that you will either identify immediately or that you don't know:

Now inconvenient facts
Are something that distracts
The Bush Administration not a bit;
They simply get the urge,
And have a little purge,
And those who bore the tidings take the hit.

Don't tell the truth
The awful awful truth
They just won't hear it anymore;
'Cause if you tell the truth
The awful awful truth
They're gonna kick your keister* out the door.

To Bunnatine H. Greenhouse
The White House was a mean house,
Although her name's the best there's ever been.
She told the press we're hurtin'
Because of Halliburton
And she won't see the Pentagon again.

Don't tell the truth, etc.

And Greenfeld (Lawrence A.)
Got gently led away
About a press release on traffic stops.
Who'd guess (in certain cases)
That men of certain races
Are treated somewhat rougher by the cops?

Don't tell the truth, etc.

Now Bunnatine and Larry
Have heavy loads to carry
It's hard to keep your job and make a scene.
But names can be a curse.
They might just make it worse.
I guess it isn't easy being Green-.

CHORUS [a cappella this time!]:
Don't tell the truth, etc.


*Substitute a different two-syllable synonym in each subsequent chorus: hiney, tuchis, fanny.


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