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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

...and what about us?

"In order to survive ...musk oxen must limit their activity and
conserve energy."
--The Alaska Wilderness League

Consider first the Arab who
    Is justifiably concerned
    About the oil daily burned,
    Pouring into all our ports,
    And the way that it distorts
    Our urge to spread democracy
    And turns it to hypocrisy.

Consider next the caribou
    Sensitive to every toxin,
    Frolicking among musk oxen,
    Tending to its own affairs,
    Steering clear of polar bears,
    Innocent of oil spills,
    Giant trucks and iron drills...

Consider the unfair taboo
    Against gas-mileage regulation
    Even though such legislation
    Pushed through in the seventies
    Kept at bay the Japanese --
    Saved the ass of old Detroit,
    So retrograde and maladroit...

All these things at once distilling,
  Clear as day becomes our task; a
Child could see the answer's drilling
  Six month's oil from North Alaska.


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