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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Strong Lieder Waltz

At the start, there was no refutin'
That Bush got along with Putin.
Each is a man among whose talents is
Chipping away at checks and balances.

Yes, at the start, he had a mere
Flirtation with "good ol' Vladimir".
But now he's required to act more tut-tutly:
The Russian grabs power a bit too unsubtly.

Putin was slightly speedier
In squelching the prying media
While Bush (through Ken Tomlinson) quietly planned a
Slow transformation to state propaganda.

Of course there's no need to mention
Their penchants for secret detention.
Though new disagreements may currently puzzle 'em
They're soulmates when faced with a militant Muslim.

Exposure to Bush's style
May teach Vladimir to smile.
Let's hope that the influence that way is ample,
And Bush doesn't imitate Putin's example.


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