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Friday, February 03, 2006

a tribute to Odd-Even Bustnes

Today, no bitterness -- only joy! The New York Times' analysis of President Bush's energy policy (don't get me started) included a quote from energy conservation and efficiency expert Odd-Even Bustnes.
Click on his bio above to read about his extraordinary life.....or just read on.

Odd-Even Bustnes! Here's an ode
To everything you are, and do,
But mostly to your name, of course,
Which must remain the best of you,
Despite the fact that once you rowed
Olympically for native Norway,
Or that you rose to be a force
In oil use and conservation,
Serving your adopted nation,
And more than this, you did it YOUR way--

Never mind the mountain peaks
You've scaled right to the very tops;
Never mind the many weeks
You spent in Norway's Special Ops;
Never mind the way you dwell
In spots like Swaziland, Peru,
And Zambia (I bet you'd tell
A pretty dashing tale or two,
And groupies swear there is no cuter
Rocky Mountain Instituter!).

Great the gifts with which you're blessed,
Both by nurture and by nature,
But your parents gave the best
With their gift of nomenclature.
Yet when Bustnes tykes emerge,
Don't make them schoolyard cannon-fodder:
Grit your teeth and fight the urge
To name them something Even-Odder.


Take my kidding with good grace,
It comes from one whose name lacks fizz --
Is so profoundly commonplace,
His friends forget just who he is.


Anonymous Parents said...

We apologize for the common-placeness of your name. 'Though we are sure that you are sufficiently unforgetable, even so.

8:16 AM  

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