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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Three Weird Sisters join the whole nightquill staff in celebrating the departure of that Mayberry Macbeth, Tom DeLay.

By the tingling of my toes,
Something wicked that way goes....

Not all are pure who love to give;
Not all who scam are jailed.
But we are sure that we will live
To see The Hammer nailed.

Now, one more smirk
And back to work.


Anonymous Mimi said...

This past week Bill Maher, on his show, discussing the acceptance of bad language, reported that the New York Times Crossword Puzzle had the word "scumbag" and that the clue was "Tom Delay." I went to NYT website to try to find it, but it won't let me at the puzzles unless I was a paying subscriber.

Do you suppose that there is a relationship between the acceptance of bad language and bad government?

9:22 AM  
Blogger nightquill said...

NYT wasn't quite that brazen (or liberal). The clue was "scoundrel", not "Tom DeLay", although the confusion is understandable. See, for example, the article in Slate:

I imagine it was just a case of an innocent, geeky crossword-puzzle composer not knowing what "scumbag" literally means.

One nightquill staff member was recently informed that his extremely funny submission to the Style Invitational at the Washington Post was ineligible because it contained the phrase "pissing contest."

As for the correlation, aren't the people less likely to be accepting bad language the ones more likely to be accepting bad government?

3:12 PM  
Blogger nightquill said...

Here at nightquill, of course, we play by our own rules.

Pissing contest.

Pissing contest.

Pissing contest.


3:13 PM  
Anonymous MImi said...

Your point is well-taken. People who will accept bad government will not accept bad language. Destroying the federal budget, the US moral standing in the world, Social Security, and health care is fine as long as you don't show a nipple, entertain interns, or let gays marry.

10:35 AM  

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