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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

off topic

Our food correspondent has persuaded us to take another temporary detour from politics in honor of his upcoming trip to Corsica, where he thinks Nightquill should establish a new branch office. He is fooling himself. What cannot be handled from Malta or Cannes will have to take care of itself. We are not made of money.

I go through Europe feeling hurt
That cheese is thought of as dessert.
The Frenchman mutters "Quel dommage!"
When parted from his swell fromage.
That Englishman is an impoucester
Who doesn't love his Double Gloucester.
The Spaniard, too, (I heard one say so)
Will often end a meal con queso.
Aged Gruyere can be delicious,
But must I give up sweeter dishes?
Brie seems merely chazerei
When faced with viennoiserie.
Cheese or sweets? Or will it do
To have my cakes and Edam too?


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