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Monday, February 11, 2008

nihil nisi bon-mot III

The shattered remnants of the once mighty nightquill publishing empire emitted their annual gasp of impeccable taste in the Style Invitational's annual poetry contest in memory of people who died in the previous year.

Fourth place:

Not for being greatly good --
Not because he knew he would --
Jerry Falwell's gone above,
Unto his Creator's love,
Spending every night and day
With angels black and angels gay.
God our Father knows us all well;
Knows what's Hell for Jerry Falwell.

Honorable Mention:
Enjoy a calm retirement, Dubya;
Molly's not around to "Shrub" ya.

Unpublished, and our last word (for now...)
Leona Helmsley went and died.
The best hotels? She used to own 'em.
All other comments lay aside --
De mortuis nil nisi bonum.