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Sunday, March 11, 2012


All the children in grade school loved recess a lot,
But the Gingrich, who lived in Virginia, did not.
"All that laughing and shouting just fills me with dread --
Those kids should be scrubbing the toilets instead!"
And as he sat toying with something from Tiffany's
He had the most wicked of Gingrich epiphanies:
"If we only dispensed with the minimum age
For students to work at the minimum wage
It would stop all the girls -- it would stop all the boys --
From making that recessy noise, noise, noise, NOISE!"
So he flogged it on Dobbs and he flogged it on Hannity,
He flogged it 'til all of us doubted his sanity,
And if this sad story were one I'd invented,
I'd say that his heart grew, and Gingrich repented,
But all he came out with is what he went in with:
A heart, to expand, must be there to begin with.