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Saturday, August 06, 2005


In 2002, we were forced to install soundproofing in the nightquill Science and Technology wing so the rest of us could get some work done over the sounds of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Between stem-cell research, global warming, the slashing of science at NASA, and the perpetually unworkable Star Wars missile defense, the Administration's ongoing battle against scientific consensus has been one of the grimmest obsessions in our offices, to the detriment of more pressing issues, such as the Administration's ongoing battles against the consensus of experts in international relations.

The President recently gave comfort to those who believe that in science, as in politics, the presence of a small but highly vocal minority on an issue entitles their doctrine to equal time with one established by overwhelming evidence and supported by a nearly-unanimous consensus. The issue is, of course, the teaching of evolution in schools, one that should have been resolved a century ago even with the evidence available then.

The champions of ignorance just scored a little coup:
The President has just weighed in (as Presidents will do)
About our children's science classes, adding to the strife
Surrounding the inclusion of a faith-based view of life.
It's not the very best of ways to mend our fractured fences
When politicians meddle with a discipline's consensus.
Now was this just meandering? A random illustration
Of gaps that show up even in an Ivy education?
Or pitched to fundamentalists? Does it show the signs
Of being one of Mr. Rove's intelligent designs?


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