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Friday, June 16, 2006

poetry shortage

Most of the nightquill senior poets, associate poets, and trainees have melted away like expensive chocolate on the plastic front seat of a '72 Chrysler Newport after hearing the news that public affairs officers at CENTCOM, the Florida-based command center for our Middle East forces, are being paid tax dollars to cruise the blogosphere and post comments on lefty blogs like this one pointing to the "good news" at their propaganda site. We don't know if it's legal, but we do know it makes us queasy and slightly scared. And a bit insulted that they haven't come here.

So it's just little old me in the shop, and all I can do (probably until the summer at least) is provide you with 1) the greatest allegedly serious sentence ever written and
2) a great new item from a real humorist.

1) "The chickens of the association of intellectual freedom with the
unfettered freedom of the market have come home to roost."

-- Elizabeth Fox-Genovese in a Washington Post book review, circa 1990.

Remark 1: Oh, THOSE chickens.
Remark 2: (insert your Fox/chicken joke here.)
Remark 3: Isn't it intellectual freedom that's supposed to be unfettered, and the market occasionally regulated?
Remark 4: "Chickens of the Association" should be a rock band. Maybe doing Zappa covers.

2) The latest from David Jaggard, Issue 66 of the Quorum of One.


Anonymous Mams said...

Your father had an avocado green Chrysler Newport. We have been puzzling over it and decided that it probably was 1968. We were ahead of our time.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Stephen McArthur said...

Where's the Centcom site? !!! You hooked me and fascinated me....

2:05 PM  
Blogger for Moron Issues said...

When the poet-chickens leave the roost, go to Lots of poems from the seriously Left, covering the past 18 months or so.

I'll write scared but I'm tired of writing alone!

1:33 PM  

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